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Heat Factory is America's most time-honored Hand Warmer company.  In business since 1980, the Heat Factory has established a leadership position within the industry through innovative product designs, consistent product quality, and reliable, creative packaging, merchandising and on-time delivery.
Heat Factory Hand warmer
The Heat Factory Mini Warmer is a Heat Factory innovation that revolutionized the U.S. warmer industry over 20 years ago. The Mini Warmers are our most popular size warmers and last 10 hours. They can be used in gloves, pockets, Heat Factory Headwear, and any place where soothing heat is desired.
More about the History of the Heat Factory.

Don’t know what type of warmers to take on your next adventure? These variety Bonus Packs offer the perfect combinations for any of your outdoor activities. Store in your gear bag, car, boat, home and never be cold again. More info on the Bonus Pack.

Mt. Everest Climb 2009

In Their quest to reach the summit, extreme athletes rely on
Heat Factory warmers to provide warmth and comfort in the
most extreme conditions.

Heat Factory

A true survival story
On Nov. 14th, we received a phone call from Keith Strobe thanking Heat Factory for saving his life. Keith’s jeep had overturned in an icy river in Animas Forks, Colorado, and he survived a freezing night at 11,700 ft. He was armed only with glow sticks and Heat Factory warmers...more